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Why There Almost Certainly Is No God

Well, sort of. Chapter 4 of “The God Delusion” By FRATER BOVIOUS (CARROLLTON, TX – Cradle of Civilization) The above is one version of a quote that reportedly originated in a speech given by Professor of Philosophy at UCLA, Abraham Kaplan. … Continue reading

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Essence, Accident and the Problem of Identity Politics

(CARROLLTON – Cradle of Civilization) – In times past, long past, when Aristotle or Plato were chatting about the meaning of life, they would speak of essence and accident. They would also talk about matter and form. In today’s parlance, … Continue reading

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Toward The Pursuit and Explication of Truth By FRATER BOVIOUS The Proper Presumption of an Aristotelian World View (CARROLLTON, Cradle of Civilization) – Trivium means where three roads meet and so has the sense of “cross-roads”. The sense of  “cross-roads” … Continue reading

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