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But, What If I Really Am Doing What I Don’t Want To Do? BY: Frater Bovious (CARROLLTON, TX – Cradle of Civilization) I need to make clear that the two previous columns specifically did not address addiction. With regard to … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter

Yes. Yes they do. As I am a bit slow on the uptake, when I first heard the phrase, “Black lives matter,” my first thought was, “All lives matter.” Yet, somehow it felt wrong when I said it. If all … Continue reading

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Why I Remain Catholic

By: FRATER BOVIOUS So, there is this person that blogs by the name The Anchoress and she asked a question which I believe was prompted by a Pew Report that Catholics are bailing on the faith in droves. The question: Why … Continue reading

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The Decathlete Formerly Known as Bruce

What is Truth? By: FRATER BOVIOUS Pilate famously asked, “What is truth?” There are many theories of truth, this blog follows the Correspondence Theory of Truth. This is an old school theory, dating back to ancient Greece. Many don’t like this … Continue reading

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Now You’ve Done It!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Undo.” By: FRATER BOVIOUS “Aren’t you sick and tired of ‘fake’?” They were walking down the aisle of the local Tom Thumb. “Look, here, Crystal Light ‘Natural Lemonade’” (he had made the bunny … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

New Year’s Resolution Boldly Proclaimed By FRATER BOVIOUS (CARROLLTON, TX – Cradle of Civilization) I rashly determined to write a blog a week, and so on this 7th day of 2015 I am running out of time. Perhaps this is … Continue reading

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Blast from the past

Monday, August 16, 2004 Woman Purees Newborn Acquitted on Technicality “… Tremendous breakthrough”, says ACLU spokes-person. “This case represents a giant leap in the right direction.” Dateline: Massachusetts Exact details are sketchy, but what is known is that a woman, … Continue reading

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