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Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Pope Francis: Rad Trad

What is he doing? By Mark Connolly, MTS The latest offering from Pope Francis has caused a great deal of commentary and hand-wringing. Valiant attempts have been made to contextualize his writings and his off the cuff comments so as … Continue reading

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2Cellos, Love, Language

Friendship And Love and sorting it all out By FRATER BOVIOUS (CARROLLTON, TX – Cradle of Civilization) So, I have a few friends that come over, sometimes two at once, but typically one at a time, and so far never … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Renounces Papacy, Journalists Embrace Idiocy (ROME – Vatican City) Meticulously following Canon 322 §2, the Pope renounced the See of Peter on February 10th, 2013, with the following words (spoken in Latin): For this reason, and well aware of … Continue reading

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