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Star Trek vs Star Wars

Contrasting Visions By: FRATER BOVIOUS It seems, based on certain posts and articles, that there is this definite divide in terms of “science fiction geeks” over which is “better”, Star Trek or Star Wars. Some of this is based on … Continue reading

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A Public Service Announcement

Catholics for Choosing Stuff Public funding for torture, dismemberment, and murder is a Catholic social justice value. Equal access to comprehensive services, including torture, dismemberment, and murder services, is a moral imperative. The harsh restrictions on public funding for torture, dismemberment, … Continue reading

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Christian Kung Fu

A Daily Slog By: FRATER BOVIOUS Kung Fu is a word that conjures up images of deadly acrobatics. But the word simply means extended effort. Not part of the definition, but critical to it, is the idea of humility. To … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter

Yes. Yes they do. As I am a bit slow on the uptake, when I first heard the phrase, “Black lives matter,” my first thought was, “All lives matter.” Yet, somehow it felt wrong when I said it. If all … Continue reading

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And Where do the Laity Preach?

In The Public Square “Dominic began to preach because while he was talking to the Innkeeper he discovered that God is not primarily present in a harmony cut off from the world, but precisely where things matter to people in … Continue reading

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Virtue, Vice and a Response to a Gay Catholic

A Sidetrip on The Seven Signposts on the Highway to Hell By: FRATER BOVIOUS I like this blog called The Catholic Gentleman. I saw a post this morning about pornography–and in reading the comments someone with the user name “gay … Continue reading

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Now You’ve Done It!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Undo.” By: FRATER BOVIOUS “Aren’t you sick and tired of ‘fake’?” They were walking down the aisle of the local Tom Thumb. “Look, here, Crystal Light ‘Natural Lemonade’” (he had made the bunny … Continue reading

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