Middle of May

I meant weekly, not weakly

“Where does the time go?” “When does the space be?”

A recap of my bold promise at the end of 2018. I said I planned to:

  • Learn Latin
  • Study Peter Lombard’s Sentences (Got the complete set from my wife for Christmas)
  • Write every day on my story, Moloch Rising
  • Write at least weekly in this Blog
  • Restart the podcast My Stogie Mystagogy
  • Last, but not least: Make sure The Puppycat knows she is loved

So, I am learning Latin, having achieved a perfect score on the introductory level National Latin Exam for this past March.

I failed to continue to study Peter Lombard’s Sentences in favor of studying Latin.

I am writing sort of regularly on Moloch Rising although hardly daily. I am up to 20,000 words.

I fear that My Stogie Mystagogy shall not rise from the ashes – lack of time and lack of interest.

I hope and pray The Puppycat knows she is loved.

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  1. Avatar Relax... says:

    It sounds like you’re doing very well! I was beginning to worry, not least of all due to some of your state’s occasionally crazy weather! Glad for the good update!

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