And Where do the Laity Preach?

In The Public Square

“Dominic began to preach because while he was talking to the Innkeeper he discovered that God is not primarily present in a harmony cut off from the world, but precisely where things matter to people in the world.”–from Dominicana, By Robert Curtis, O.P.L. and Karen Woods, O.P.L.

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3 Responses to And Where do the Laity Preach?

  1. dgonz15 says:

    Reading this made me think of a quotation from St. Josemaria on the same subject, which in turn reminded me of Apostolicam Actuositatem. Finally, it made me think of Pope Francis telling us that we need to preach the Gospel with the way we live our lives, etc. Additionally, it has given me an idea about you and I using our blogs to have “conversations.” It is something that Feser kind of does with his online debates. We’ve done this before on FB and I think it would be fun and intellectually stimulating. It would also force each of us to write more regularly. Thoughts?

    • FraterBovious says:

      Oh, and regarding Opus Dei and AA, exactly. Dominic met this man in the street and in the pub. Where reality happens.

  2. FraterBovious says:

    Sounds like fun. So, when do we start.

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